2 Best E-Cigarette Studies


Institute of health and research and policy in university of Illinois Chicago studies shows that the electronic cigarettes are developing popularity and they are increasingly accessible in stores. Below are the 2 best E-cigarette studies.

Increasing availability

This is one of the studies that were reported to the tobacco control. The new survey found out that there is an increase in the availability of the electronic cigarettes in the United States tobacco retailers. In 2011 it increased with a 4% within a period of one year while by 2012 it had a bigger increase in terms of availability with 24%. The merchandise tend to have a vast accessibility in stores hence a much elevated proportion revenue from tobacco transaction. The study also shows that the electronic cigarettes are prone to be available in places with frail tax and smoke free regulations. Dr. Chaloupka retaliated by saying that some years ago most people used to buy from online, kiosk but now they have moved to places where the traditional cigarettes are being sold.

Dramatic increase in use

This is another best study that Dr. Ahluwalia pointed out that there is a spectacular increase of the electronic cigarette usage. It is currently a $2billion industry in the US and up to $4 billion globally. He also pointed out that the Europe authority has toned down on regulation or ban of the electronic cigarettes and also the conventional use of electronic cigarettes is much safer than the smoking of the tobacco. The products could help in serving an important purpose of smoking termination and by doing so will help save a lot on health costs. To fully ban the use of electronic cigarettes would lead to tragedy. Dr. Ahluwalia is in agreement that it is achievable to purify nicotine in an electronic cigarette and label the percentage of nicotine and also validate it does contain carcinogens.…

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What are the advantage and disadvantages of e-cigarettes?


There are a lot of advantages in smoking an e cigarette. The most obvious benefit is the health advantages. You are going to get the effect and taste of nicotine solution but not inhale substances like arsenic, acetone, tar and carbon monoxide. You will also not get yellow teeth and yellow fingers if you smoke an e cigarette rather than using tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars.

Another benefit is the fact that as a non smoker, you are not going to smoke it passively. This is really beneficial if your partner of someone close to you is a heavy smoker. Unlike the conventional cigarettes, e cigarettes do not have any effect on anyone besides the smoker. This is due to the fact that the cigarettes do not emit smoke. The vapor that comes from them will dissolve in the air without leaving any smell or harmful substance behind.

As a smoker, it is therefore easier to smoke e cigarettes when you are with your family and friends knowing that you are not causing any harm to their health. Additionally, these cigarettes are safer as they do not require a lighter or matches in order to use them.
Smoking e cigarettes is dangerous according to the food and drug administration. These are some of the drawbacks of using e cigarettes.
Hard to inhale

A lot of smokers find it very hard to use e cigarettes. One needs to have a strong suction in order to produce aerosol. This causes smokers to need more cartridges and puff more in order to retain their desired nicotine levels. This strong suction often leads to ling damage.

Questionable ingredients

There are some brands that use toxic chemicals like diethylebe glycol that is used in an anti freeze. This chemical has been associated with respiratory complications. Another component found in e cigs is nitrosamines which cause cancer.…

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